Axis Bank Credit Cards set to rule the Points & Miles Segment – CardExpert

Axis Bank Credit Cards set to rule the Points & Miles Segment – CardExpert

After merging with Citi Bank, Axis Bank has been absorbing the USP’s of Citi slowly & steadily, one of which is their ability to transfer credit card reward points to partner airline and hotel loyalty program.

Axis Bank had recently launched their Atlas Credit Card (Citi Premier miles kind) and have been adding new points & miles transfer partners ever since the launch.

Transfer Edge Rewards to Partner Miles

Now the situation has got even better as Axis Bank has enabled the points transfer option on other credit cards as well that earns regular Edge Reward Points.

This is a major incident in the history of Indian Credit Cards!

Because this opens up an option for Indians living in any nook and corner of the country (because of the footprint of Axis Bank) to explore the points and miles industry giving them the ability to fly & stay in luxury through points and miles.

While this was possible even before with Citi & American Express cards, their reach to penetrate the entire country was a problem, now solved!

Not only that, the conversion rates are lucrative so much so that it makes Axis Magnus Credit Card the best points and miles credit card not only in India but in the “world” – thanks to the monthly milestone benefit.

Even without the milestone benefit, the reward rate (points transfer) on regular spends done on affluent cards are pretty attractive, twice as that much of Amex.

That said, if you do not hold Axis Magnus and wish to apply for one, consider doing so this month, so that you’ll be eligible for milestone benefits for spends done from next month onwards.

Improved Premium Support

While this new ability is good in a way, Axis seems to be focusing on improving the premium customer support as well lately. Now Axis can “Promise” on their premium support, as they say.

Here’s a quick look at their recent newsletter on the same:

axis premium support
axis premium support

In reality too it certainly has improved a lot compared to what I’ve experienced in the past. And they do callback and inform once the issue is sorted.

While it’s still not “perfect” as American Express level of support, I’m sure Axis can get there soon, so Citi customers appears to be safe. 

Bottom line

With all the above updates, Axis Bank Premium range of Credit Cards alone are sufficient to hold for most premium credit card holders, at-least in 2022 or until the competition wakes up!

That said, it’s going to be a tough time for American Express India (that just got out of ban) to sell their premium credit cards because they just lost its major USP (Marriott transfers).

If you’re new to Axis Bank and wish to optimise your Axis strategy, you may consider taking my Axis premium content which will be useful if you’re exploring Axis Bank Credit Cards.

Or, if you need a helping hand to plan your entire credit card strategy, you may check out my One-on-One Credit Card consultation service.


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